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Group savings Made easy

A mobile app for savings groups to collect funds, issue loans and manage all finances easily and securely

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Kikoba Features

What Makes Kikoba Different?

  • 100% free funds collection

    No need for carrying cash or "tuma na ya kutolea". With Kikoba, group funds are collected for free. No hidden, no surprise charges.

  • Accurate record keeping

    Forget about pen and paper to record group finances. Kikoba is your digital ledger for recording funds collected and loans issued.

  • Real-time Analytics

    With real-time analytics from Kikoba, group members become smart and well-informed with their data.

  • 100% Secure Data

    With Kikoba, all data are secured by end-to-end encryption technology and automatically backed up.

Frequently asked questions

Currently, we are invite-only please click here to sign up for early access.

Kikoba is free to use.

Currently, kikoba supports TigoPesa, M-Pesa and Airtel Money for collecting funds

Kikoba is designed to support the Village Savings and Loans methodology. However, it can be easily configured to serve the needs of similar types of savings groups. contact us for more details.

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